Wednesday, March 13, 2013

shops I love

Welcome to my blog, Nora's Bows, named after my Etsy shop of the same name.  I will be blogging about my shop, DIY projects, recipes my family loves, shops and products I love, and design/decor.  For my first post, I thought promoting my shop would be a great way to get things started. 

Nora's Bows opened at the beginning of January 2013.  I wanted a good selection of adorable bows for our daughter to wear, but I had a hard time finding any that I loved and wanted to pay around $10 for, so I made them instead.  It was my husband who had the idea of starting my own shop.  I decided to incorporate the bow ties I was making for our son as well, and that's how Nora's Bows was started.

mint green and blue bow tie

When I am selecting fabrics for my bows, I go to a select few local shops who sell quality fabric in the styles and designs I am looking for.  I only use 100% cotton fabric and I try to find colors and patterns that are on trend and in season.  All of my bows are handmade by me at the time they are ordered.  I take care with my bows, ensuring good quality so that they will outlast your child's play. 

peach hair bow

multicolored floral hair bow

light blue plaid bow tie

The bottom line, when I create hair bows and bow ties, I wouldn't use any fabric or make them at a level of quality that I wouldn't want for my own children.