Sunday, May 12, 2013

Decorate a Kids' Room Series: The Car Enthusiast

Kids rooms are so much fun to put together because you can go a little more crazy than you would in other rooms.  You can make them timeless, yet whimsical, creating a space that can grow with them while capturing the essence of their youth.  Sometimes it can be tricky to find that right balance though, especially if your child is dead set on a cowboy theme for the entire space (think:Andy's room at the beginning of Toy Story).  While this may seem fun for a bit, chances are your child will outgrow their current obsession in a short amount of time and then they'll want something different.  It's so much easier to create a space that can grow with them by keeping the furniture and bedding more age neutral, something that isn't too childish, and adding in small decor pieces that can easily be changed out later on when they want to update their room.  It's also much easier on your wallet!  So to kick of this series, I'm starting with a room for a boy who loves cars, dedicated to my son who is currently obsessed with them. (click on pictures for links)

I love the mid century modern look of this dresser.  It's durable, masculine, and timeless and will grow with your child seamlessly.

A good headboard is the perfect way to finish the look of a well made bed.  Without it, the bed seems to get lost in the wall it sits against, and what bed wouldn't look good with this upholstered tufted headboard?  It's soft yet manly enough for even the toughest of boys.

You need more than just a good headboard to have a fantastic looking bed.  Geometric prints are all the rage right now and, honestly, I think they're going to last a long time.  I love the print and color on this duvet, and the great part is that since it is a duvet, if your little guy does outgrow it (or ruin it over time), you can easily replace it with a new duvet without having to replace the comforter inside it.

These vintage car posters are a great way to bring in the car element.  They're classy, yet fun and aren't juvenile looking which makes them a great addition to the room because they'll grow with your child, which is the whole point.  In addition to these, display vintage model cars and toys, and even their favorite toy cars.  Put the items they can play with in an easy to reach spot and those they can't, higher up.

Since you're going bright and fun with the duvet, leave the sheets plain.  With boys, simple and minimal is a great way to keep the room feeling masculine.

Storage is an area where you can get really creative.  I love these metal hooks because of their industrial feel, which pairs well with the car items you'll have displayed.  Display them evenly-uneven for a fun touch as well; you could go horizontal like I did here or vertical.  Anyway you choose, try to make it fun while keeping it streamlined.  It helps the room feel pulled together, but not stuffy.

I absolutely adore this night stand!  It's durable and definitely kid proof.  It keeps up with that industrial feel and comes in three different colors that are perfect for a boy's room.  You could even do two different colors, one on each side of the bed.

I love DIY projects and I will definitely be putting these floating shelves in my home somewhere.  This would be a great way to had shelves to your son's room.  Mandi's tutorial is simple and straight forward and I love the industrial feel she went for with the exposed hardware and plexiglass.  This would be a great way to display your son's favorite books and toy/model cars.

If you're looking for a great display piece, I love this vintage toy truck from Land of Nod.  Check out your local antique shops and thrift stores as well.  Garage and yard sales would also be another great place to look.  One great way to make a room timeless is to mix old with new.  Find the balance that works for you and most importantly, have fun while decorating your kids' spaces.
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