Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY Hair Bow Holder


My daughter has a ton of hair bows, and up until recently, they were sitting in a little basket with her socks and tights, but it was starting to overflow.  So I thought it was time to make her a hair bow holder.

card stock
hot glue gun
paint and paint brush

This was a really quick and inexpensive craft to make.  To start off, I bought this frame at Ikea, for $2.  I had thought about going to DI or something to find an old, used frame, but I decided I liked the simplicity of this one better, and the price was perfect for a project like this.


Not all of my daughter's hair bows fit on this frame, so I'm going to make her another one.  But if your little also has a ton of hair bows and you like the look of this frame, they have one that's 11 3/4 x 15 3/4" (which I thought about buying, but then decided not too...hindsight's 20/20) or one that's 19 3/4 x 27 1/2 if you really have ton or you have big bows and/or flowers.

To start off, you'll want to prep your workspace for paint.  I originally set out to spray paint this, but the finish on the frame is so smooth, the spray paint literally slid right off.  I didn't really feel like sanding it, so I opted for acrylic paint instead.  *update: I made a second and only did acrylic paint, but it didn't stick, so I'm pretty sure the spray paint gave the acrylic paint something to adhere to.*  It took a couple coats, but it turned out great.  To paint it angled the way I did, I just put masking tape along the lines in the corners, like so.  Make sure that you remove the glass, or in this case, plastic.  You can throw it out since you won't need it.

Ignore the plastic, unless you decide to spray paint and only want to cover part of the frame.

While your paint dries, you can work on adding the card stock and ribbon.  First, glue the card stock to the back of the frame.  Then, turn it over and make little tick marks where you want to glue the ribbon.  Since my frame was 11 inches long and I wanted it to lay on the landscape side, I measured my tick marks at 2.5, 5.5 and 8.5 inches.

Make sure that when you go to cut your ribbon, you leave enough extra so that it can not only reach around and glue to the back, but also leave enough slack so you can attach your hair bows.

After your frame has dried, you can put the two pieces back together and attach your bows.

Then viola!  You're all done and ready to store your bows in a much cuter way than in some basket, like I was.