Thursday, November 7, 2013

birthday cake

I just wanted to share a couple things from our son's birthday cake, in case it could help any of you out.

The recipe for this cookie cake can be found here.  It was so good.  I doubled the recipe so that I could make a 9x13 pan and there was enough dough that we made a dozen cookies as well.  They were soft and chewy and so was the cake.  I made this the night before and it was still perfect by the time we served it the following night.  I also added sprinkles to the dough to add some color.

These vintage-looking little trucks were purchased at Target.  They have a great selection of Hot Wheels cars.  Needless to say, our son was in car heaven when we picked these out.

I followed the tutorial in this video for the first piping technique to make sure that the edges looked good.  Then I topped them with some colorful sprinkles.

The birthday candles I bought from Target, you can get them here.  I made the card stock number 3 (inspiration came from here).  I created it in Photoshop, picking the font I liked, sizing it to how I wanted and then turning it backwards so that it would print on the back of the card stock.  Then I cut it out, pasted it to another section of the card stock to make it thicker, cut it out again and then hot glued it to a long bamboo skewer.  It was actually tall enough to stay on the cake with the candles lit.

My son loved his cake and was so excited when it came time for singing and blowing out the candles.  I loved that I didn't have to frost a whole cake because, while I don't mind doing it, I'm actually really horrible at it!