Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Card Stock Streamers

Happy 3rd birthday to my sweet little boy!!!  I'll post about his cake tomorrow; a cookie cake with trucks and sprinkles.  He picked it himself, because now he's old enough to make decisions like that...what!?

Did you know that you can sew paper?  And that it's actually a lot of fun?  I love these streamers and the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

card stock
sewing machine

I did several different types of streamers to add interest to the decor for my son's birthday party.

For the fringed look, all you need to do is cut your card stock to your desired length and width (mine were 5x5).  Fold in half and cut slits almost all the way to the fold, but not through it.  To sew them together, open them back up and sew along the fold line, straight down the middle.  Feed them one after the other into the sewing machine without overlapping them.  Make sure that you leave enough thread attached at both ends so that you can hang them when you're done.

For the jagged fringed look, cut and fold your card stock just like with the fringed card stock, but instead of cutting slits, cut out little triangles.  I made mine long and narrow.

To make the triangle streamers, cut a bunch of triangles out of your card stock.  Don't worry about making them all the same; I think it looks a lot better when they're all a little bit different.  It adds texture and interest.  Use your sewing machine to sew them together, feeding them in one after the other without overlapping them, and making sure to leave enough thread at both ends to hang them.

I used a 3" square craft punch for the squares and a 2" circle craft punch for the circles.  Sew these these the same way as the triangles, without overlapping.