Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Twine Napkin Rings

These napkin rings would be a great addition to a rustic fall tablescape for Thanksgiving.

These are really simple and you might even have all the supplies on hand and ready to go.

masking tape
hot glue gun and glue
wax paper
empty toilet paper roll

I have a roll of twine that's been used here and there for little things, but I wanted to actually make something with it.  I thought that twine napkin rings could be really cute and I noticed that a toilet paper roll was the right size for a napkin ring.  So, I got to work.

First, wrap a piece of wax paper around your toilet paper roll.  Tape it in place with masking tape.  After making my first one, I found out that hot glue will come off masking tape after it's cooled.  So, I put another piece of tape on the exact opposite side of the roll from the first piece of tape.

Put a small dab of glue on the tape and place your twine on top.

Wrap the twine around, gluing it down to the piece wrapped next to it each time you come around full circle.  I only worried about gluing this first side and then I went back for the other side after.

When you're done gluing the first side, go to the other side with the masking tape and put little dabs of glue in between each piece of twine, squeezing them together as you go.  Once the glue has cooled, pull the wax paper off the toilet paper roll and pull the napkin ring away from the wax paper.

Here's one side so you can see how it looks.  I figure no one will be examining them super closely and unless you do look super close, you can't see the glue.

Now go and make a whole bunch of them to use for your next dinner party.