Friday, February 21, 2014

adding contrast with black

Adding black to your decor can be a great way to add contrast and interest without having to actually change a whole lot, especially since black goes with practically everything.  I'm a big fan of clean white walls, but recently I came upon this home tour and saw this gorgeous living room with dark walls. *click on image for source

How gorgeous are those walls?!  I love the contrast with the curtains and the built-ins, so gorgeous.  And then the rug combines both the dark and the light to help it all come together in a cohesive way.  I am in love.  So I started searching for more dark wall inspiration.

I love wainscoting in white, but this charcoal gray is gorgeous.  It really makes a statement.

I really love these Ikea frames and I have plans of using them for a gallery wall in a similar way like in this picture above, but I'm really loving the contrast between the black walls and the white frames.  It makes for a great focal point without being too busy and it doesn't take away from the rest of the room at all.  I'm a minimalist at heart and I just love the bold simplicity that this setup offers.

Painting the inside of bookshelves is another great way to add interest to a room.  You could also use colored contact paper for the same look without it being permanent, allowing you to change the look whenever you want.  I think these shelves are gorgeous with their straight lines; I prefer there to not be too much in the way of fancy woodcarvings and embellishments.  The dark interior of these bookshelves really makes the colorful books standout on the shelves.  This look adds design to the room without the need for much more in decor, and I just love the idea of having books be the star of the room.

If you're wanting to add contrast but don't want to paint your walls a dark color, why not try painting the door?  I love this idea, again very minimal which I love, but it really packs a punch.

Chalkboard walls are nothing new, but I still think they are so fun.  If you're thinking of adding a dark colored wall, why not make it a chalkboard wall as well.  You can have a chalkboard wall in practically any color and it's multipurpose, providing a place for handmade artwork by you or your kids and you can use it for making lists or dinner menus.

I love this black and gold stair case.  It's so beautiful and elegant and really stands out against the white walls.  The black baseboards and trim around the doorway really help bring it all together.  If you're unsure about painting your stairs, check out Jenny Komenda over at Little Green Notebook.  She painted her stairs and I think it looks stunning.

I love this black bathtub.  I don't know anything about painting a bathtub and I'm not really sure if it's something you would actually want to do, but if you're looking to remodel your bathroom or at least replace your bathtub, you could consider replacing it with one similar to this.  It's bold but beautiful and the white inside and the gold hardware really soften the black and add elegance.  I just think this whole bathroom is so beautiful.

So what do you think about adding black accents in your home?  Would you be brave enough to paint a whole room black or would you start out small?