Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ikea hacks

I'm currently working on an Ikea hack that I am so excited about it, but until it's finished, I don't want to share any pictures or hints about it because that will just take away from the reveal.  So until then, I wanted to round up some of my favorite Ikea hacks, many of which I'm hoping to be able to incorporate into our own home soon.

I've been in love with this coffee table for a long time now.  It's simple and clean and that's what I love most about it.

We bought our kids the Ikea Latt table and I have yet to paint it.  Since we have a boy and a girl, I want to do something gender neutral and I'm thinking about painting the alphabet with a stencil on the table top and then putting their names on the backs of their chairs.  Even still, I think this hack here is adorable.

My love for mid century style has no end, apparently.  When I first saw this hack on Pinterest, it was definitely love at first sight.  I just think it's gorgeous and unique, which is part of what makes Ikea hacks so great.  You can personalize them and then suddenly the thing you bought that everyone has becomes completely unique and just your own.

I will be making this table, that is for certain.  I've already picked out the marble contact paper and decided that I'll be using copper spray paint to make the process even faster.  When you have two little kids, time to spare is rare and precious.

I didn't even know what an etagere was until I saw this pinned on Pinterest, but I have since decided that it is a must in every home.  Especially when you can get one this beautiful for so little money, considering that a gold one will normally cost a small fortune.

Have you ever completed an Ikea hack?  Leave the link to it in the comments section, I'd love to see.  And I hope to have my current Ikea hack completed and posted sometime next week.  Check back!