Monday, April 28, 2014

Baby Fashion

I don't consider myself a fashion expert, but I do get asked a lot about where I shop for my kids.  Shopping for them is easily a thousand times more fun than it is for myself.  Window shopping for them is my favorite, and a little dangerous, but when I do it, the main thing I look for is a good deal on cute items that aren't cheesy.  I can't stand cheesy kids clothes, i.e. oversized pant legs, weird characters or sayings, or things that are over-the-top frilly or glittery.  When I shop for my kids, I keep one thing in mind: "Would I put this on myself or my husband?"  Now, with my son I'm a little more lenient about the t-shirts.  He has one with sharks all over it and another cute one from H&M that has a monster eating a banana.  Obviously I wouldn't put those on my husband, but that's about as far as I can go with characters for my kids.  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite outfits I put on my kids.

We took a trip to Denver this past week (I'll post about it later) and since we were driving, I wanted the kids to be comfortable without having to put them in their pj's.  This is what our daughter wore on the drive.

I love her little sandals!  I want them in my size so bad.

She used to hate hair bows!  She didn't always, but then she went through a phase of always taking them off and chucking them.  We lost many that were eventually found, but for awhile I kind of just gave up.  But now, it's her favorite part of getting dressed and she loves to pick out which one to wear on her own.  You can check out her hair bow holder here.

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