Friday, May 23, 2014

Design Inspired - Peacock

Have you ever watched HGTV's Design Star?  I've only recently watched season 5 because, hello, Emily Henderson won and she's my design icon.  Anyway, in the challenges, the designers are given something to use as their inspiration, but they're not supposed to use the actual thing in their space, although there are some challenges where that is part of the challenge and it just makes it even more difficult.  Anyway, as a way to challenge myself some more, I decided to start doing this for myself.  For my first one, I chose to use the peacock as my inspiration.

I love the vibrant colors, but it was challenging to come up with a space where they could commingle in harmony.  This was good for me though because I need it to be a challenge, otherwise I won't learn anything.  I normally gravitate towards large neutral pieces with small pops of color, but this time I wanted to change that up a little.

sources // wallpaper / sofa / gold pillow / blue pillow / credenza / lamp / rug / coffee table / side table / chair / mirror / ampersand art / love art / oyster art

Big and bold wallpaper like that Lear Gaukur from Anthropologie, while gorgeous, is not something I would normally use in a large space, but I think in this setting it would look beautiful on one wall as an accent or even all the walls.  Even though the birds aren't peacocks, I love that it still incorporates birds and bright colors.  The greens and blues in it fit in perfect with the peacock theme.

The Chester tufted sofa is from West Elm and I chose the performance velvet fabric in lagoon.  Absolutely gorgeous, I want one for my house, today please.

The Safavieh high back chairs aren't really my style, but I love the look of them in this scenario.  I think the high back is kind of reminiscent of a male peacock's beautiful and tall tail.

The surya rug reminds me of the shape of the individual tail feathers and I love the chartreuse so much.

There are lot of things in this room that individually aren't really my style, but I want this setup so bad now!  And this challenge was really fun, so I'm going to keep doing it, looking for inspiration in my everyday life as well as in other places.  Do you have any challenge ideas?  I'd love to hear them.