Thursday, June 19, 2014

patio and pool deck makeover

My parents just recently gave away their old patio furniture and are looking for something new.

Not terrible, but not great either.  My mom said she wanted something that is easy to clean but also looks nice, not cheap.  They also didn't want the table to take up a lot of space.

Here's my initial idea.

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So I really love this table for a couple reasons.  The warm wood is so pretty and inviting, plus it's easy to clean and would actually be low maintenance.  IKEA recommends resealing it once a year to help it last longer and I think that would totally be worth having a beautiful wood table over something metal or plastic.  The chair cushions add comfort and make the chairs even more inviting for long visits.  The globe lights would be great hanging from the ceiling (it's a covered patio) to add some warm light in the evenings.  Since my parents live in Orlando, it's warm most of the year, so they could enjoy outdoor get-togethers with their friends when the days are shorter.  I love the look of that plant, plus plants add warmth and life to whatever space they're in.  This particular plant would do well on their patio as it prefers to be in softer light, away from direct sunlight and can survive up to 32 degree weather.  It can get pretty chilly in Orlando in December and January, so on the nights when it's extra cold, they could just move the plant right inside and then back out the next morning.  My parents already have pool loungers, but I love these chaise loungers because they match the table and chairs, which would create a cohesive style to the patio and pool deck.  And of course, that striped pillow is calling out to me.  I love the gray and yellow together and it would make laying out on the chaise so comfy, you might even be tempted to take a nap.

My parents have a more traditional style, but the darker wood really speaks to that.  This would also be within their budget.  As we discuss other options more, we'll see what they eventually decide to go with.  And bonus, this a project they're actually taking on, so I'll have after pictures for this as well!